Rotational Moulding Clamps

Designed in consultation with rotational moulders, our Almond tool clamp range is safe, extremely easy to use and very long lasting, a few reasons why they are used by companies all around the world.

ALM 30

The ALM 30 clamp is designed for use in conjunction with the Almond cast stainless steel ‘J’ hooks in spider frame clamping applications.

ALM 40

The ALM 40 clamp is a smaller version of the ALM 50 offering the same tough performance in stainless steel. Clamps up to a total flange width of 26mm.

ALM 50

The ALM 50 clamp is a larger and more robust version of the ALM 40. It will accommodate a total flange width of 40mm.

Our tool clamps benefit from:

Tough Cast Stainless Steel Construction
Comfortable Fishtail Handle
Robust Design
Easy Fit & Adjust
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