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Oil & Gas

Almond Engineering has undertaken light work for customers in the Oil and Gas sector for many years, and more recently, has completed projects for customers in the Renewables sector.

We understand that Energy customers typically require tight tolerances in high performance materials – such as Inconel and Hasteloy. Almond has long experience of working with these hard-to-machine materials, delivering on time and to specification!

Almond has a programme of regular investment in new mills and lathes – most recently a Mazak Quick Turn Nexus with live tooling – and with further investment in new inspection equipment and gauges, we constantly deliver an efficient, high-quality service to all our customers. 

oil and gas


Almond Engineering has a long history of supporting Medical and Pharmaceutical
companies with Innovative Design and Manufacturing services. We currently serve 22 companies in the medical Sector, most of who have been with us for many years.

With a strong in house Design and Manufacturing capability we can help you take your concept to reality, or simply use our experience to help save you money. We offer a high
quality, fast and cost efficient service, over 95% of our business is from repeat customers and we are determined to maintain this record.

Typical Projects include:

  • Product design/design for manufacture
  • Production components
  • Prototype development
  • Bespoke Clean room furniture
  • Production Equipment
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Machine builds/Automation
  • Test and Measuring Equipment

Materials Include:

  • Peek
  • PTFE
  • Delrin
  • Stainless Steel
  • Ceramic
  • Ultem


Scotland has a vibrant semiconductor industry with a wide range of companies supporting customers all across the globe.  Almond Engineering is very proud to be part of this success story.
We have been supporting customers is the semiconductor sector for many years.  In the exciting days of Silicon Glen our biggest customers were NEC, Lexmark and Motorola; when they left Scotland we were fortunate that many of the expert engineers continued to use us in their next role. 
Our experienced Design team are very familiar with the exacting standards required in this industry; typical materials include high performance plastics, anodized aluminium, and static dissipative materials.
Recent projects have included:

  • Routine Consumable parts
  • Reverse engineering of a series of flow chambers
  • Design and manufacture of a range of vacuum chucks
  • Robot tables
  • Reverse engineering of shipping brackets
  • Conversion kits (from 4” up to 8”)
  • Test equipment
  • Wafer handling equipment in high performance plastics and anodized aluminium, Including:
    • Wafer combs
    • Vacuum wands
    • Retaining rings
    • Wear guides
    • Flat finders
    • Wafer boats



Aerospace machining is amongst the more demanding disciplines, with tight tolerances and short delivery times. 
Our most frequent projects are:

  • Production equipment, typically for a clean room environment
  • jigs & fixtures
  • test  equipment
  • prototypes
  • and small to medium sized production runs

Our quality system (certified to ISO 9001) ensures we strictly maintain the required standards and have the correct records to prove it. 


Food, Drink & Packaging

This is a massively successful sector in Scotland and many Scottish Products are recognised worldwide.  We have a wide customer base across the sector with many longstanding relationships.  Our in house design team has been critical to success in this area, cooperating closely with the customers engineering teams on a wide variety of fabrication and precision engineering projects including:

  • Production equipment
  • Health and Safety guarding
  • Consumables
  • Reverse engineering spare parts
  • On-site repairs
  • Automation/PLC control

We routinely work in all the common materials including: stainless steel, aluminium and engineering plastics.

food and drink

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