Vacuum Forming

With our vacuum forming machine capabilities, we are currently able to support our customers across a variety of industries with small to medium batches of vacuum formed parts.

Our design team will design the tool from customer drawings, manufacture the tooling and run off first sample parts, the tooling can then be used for prototype development work and capable of small to medium production runs.

We currently supply parts to customers in ABS material and are able to review other materials on request. We can accommodate parts in size up to 600mm x 600mm x 400mm depth and up to 6mm thick.

Vacuum Forming is an alternative method of manufacturing plastic components where suitable with lower costs and quicker lead times.

We work closely with company partners to ensure we can also oversee larger parts and production orders.

Customer Designs and Projects are reviewed to ensure we are offering our customers the best quality possible, and a cost effective solution to fulfil their requirements, and in some instances, we may recommend Vacuum Forming.

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